3 Surprising Facts About Massage Therapy

Many people use massage treatment to help them relax and unwind from the stress of a busy day. But some do not realize the many more benefits this therapy can give them, massage therapy can also be used to address a variety of health issues. Here are just a few ways that massage therapy can improve your overall physical and mental well-being.


Improves Movement and Flexibility

Massage helps the body produce natural lubricants that improve flexibility and protect your muscles against injury. It also reduces pain, stiffness and soreness in joints, muscles, tissues and ligaments to increase your range of motion. If you’re an athlete or enjoy an active lifestyle, you can appreciate how a good massage can relieve joint or muscle discomfort. Sports massage can also enhance your performance as you engage in sports or partake of strenuous workouts.


Increases Circulation and Blood Flow

Massage therapy  helps to increase the oxygen flow throughout the body by relaxing tense muscles. When oxygen flows more efficiently, this helps to decrease muscle fatigue. You can get muscle fatigue from doing repetitive tasks. When muscle fatigue is decreased, you’ll have more energy and complete tasks more efficiently.


Reduce Pain

One of the best things about massage therapy is that you don’t have to massage the part of your body that hurts in order to relieve the pain. For example, if your lower back is hurting, massaging your shoulders can help to relieve your aching back. This is because during massage therapy a chemical change occurs that reduces pain and stress throughout your entire body.


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